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Scripture Memory Ministry

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear."

I Peter 3:15

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Welcome to the Scripture Memory Ministry Website


If you or your congregation have been looking for a simple way to learn and understand the Bible, then Scripture Memory Ministry is for you. This ministry is designed for fundamental, Bible believing churches, large or small, to help them be ready always to give a Biblical answer to every man, and is much more than a regular memory program in the following ways:

Memorizing Scripture

Brother David Barker has a simple way of teaching how to memorize scripture so that even a child can comprehend what is being taught. How to memorize scripture, how to enjoy reviewing verses learned so they are retained, and where to find practical verses to memorize, can all be presented to help the Christian have a chapter and verse on the tip of their tongue. How to retain the reference and the right purpose for memorizing God's Word is also presented.

How To Have Devotions

Daily devotions is a vital part of the Christian life. A practical message can be presented to help people understand how to read their Bible and get something each day that can be applied to their life. Christians new and old can see their Bible reading become much more rewarding.

How To Study Your Bible

The Word of God was written for man to study and know the teachings that God has given us to learn. Brother Barker has a burden to help people learn how to study and understand the Bible the simple, practical way God intended it to be.

Chapter Content

Brother Barker has put together an easy way for children and adults alike to learn what is found in different chapters of the Bible. Information from the Old and New Testament such as "the call of Abraham" is in Genesis 12, and "the man born blind" is in John 9, can be ready for use when necessary for finding things in the Word of God.

Prayer Letters

December 2018
on Friday, December 28 2018
Dear Praying Friends in Christ, God has been so good to Scripture Memory Ministry this year.  We are very grateful and do not take all His blessings for granted.  What a blessing to see souls saved, lives changed, and people getting into G …
September 2018
on Friday, September 7 2018
Dear Praying Friends in Christ, Things have been very busy for Scripture Memory Ministry.  Last spring we traveled to southern Indiana to preach in some churches and a Bible college.  There were many good decisions on that tour.  We a …
March 2018
on Thursday, March 15 2018
Dear Praying Friends in Christ, We have just returned from our Florida/Alabama winter preaching tour.  We traveled almost 4,000 miles without any van problems.  We thank the Lord for His safety as we travel. We started in the Florida panh …
December 2017
on Monday, December 11 2017
Dear Praying Friends in Christ, It has been a wonderful fall for Scripture Memory Ministry.  We had some good meetings in Wisconsin, Indiana, and West Virginia.  While preaching in Wisconsin, I had the privilege of detailing a 1938 Model & …
September 2017
on Tuesday, September 5 2017
Dear Praying Friends in Christ, We have had a very special, exciting summer this year.  As always, we did several Vacation Bible Schools that included my train layout.  This summer we had the privilege of setting the trains up at our home …


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