After going through Bible college, Brother Barker got a job at the largest prison in Indiana as a Correctional Officer. He was told by the administration that even though he was a preacher he was not allowed to carry a Bible. This would be against state policy.

The inmates, however, started asking him Bible questions. Brother Barker answered the questions from the Bible verses he had memorized topically.

This resulted in many inmates coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ including Muslims, devil worshippers, atheists, Native Americans and even agnostics.

Brother Barker was given the name “Preacherman.”

After two years of working at the prison God led Brother Barker to start Scripture Memory Ministry. For many years Brother Barker both worked at the prison and traveled for the ministry.

About six years ago Brother Barker and his wife, Mary, started traveling full time around the country presenting Scripture Memory Ministry. God continues to bless the ministry with numerous opportunities to serve Him.