March 2015

Winter, 2015
Dear Praying Friends in Christ,
We have just returned from a two month tour in Florida.  We are excited because we saw many blessings and fruit for our labor. We went to several churches, many of them new to us, and saw many good decisions.  We give thanks to the Lord for what He has done through His Word.
We first traveled to Milton, Florida, where right away we saw God start working.  I preached in a church on Sunday and saw many people challenged to learn God’s Word.  One lady especially was all fired up and asked many questions.  She even called me later in the trip because she was so excited.  I also preached in their Second Chance Ministry almost every night we were there.  The men were enjoying the preaching and getting right with God.  I also made my yearly appearance on the radio where they interviewed me about memorizing verses.  Over 35,000 people were listening!  While in Milton, we were given a free oil change, a new Preacherman shirt, and Mary received a nice jacket with Scripture Memory Ministry and her name embroidered on it.  She sure looks nice in it.
I also preached in another church across town for a mid-week service.  The pastor loved it so well he rescheduled me for a whole Sunday next year.
Next, we traveled to Orlando to a black church where the pastor and his assistant are all fired up for the Lord.  They loved our ministry so well that the pastor ordered 20 copies of our book, “Order My Steps.”
We then traveled to DeLand to meet a pastor who was recommended to us.  We ended up helping in their church for about two weeks.  I preached a mid-week service, an evening service, and all three services one Sunday.  We also helped out in junior church, AWANA, and I preached in two nursing home services.  The people were very excited about memorizing topically, including the pastor!  We’re going back next year for 4 days of meetings.  Their mission house was such a blessing.  It saved us a lot of money in motels.
Our travels then took us to Fort Myers where I spoke in three churches.  Two of them were scheduled, and the other one was a “spur of the moment” offer.  God blessed in all three churches.  Many good decisions were made.  At one church, we found a man who is going to give our web site a brand new look.  We can’t wait to see it!
While in Fort Myers we were invited to attend a three-day Bible conference.  We heard some wonderful old-fashion preaching.  They had some pictures on the communion table of some famous preachers of the past.  Two of those men were Charles H. Spurgeon, and Robert Sheffy.  They even had a sheep-skin similar to the one Preacher Sheffy used to pray on!
While also staying in Fort Myers we traveled to Naples for a mid-week service.  The pastor was so excited about the message that he had me stay up at the pulpit for a question and answer session.  Once again God’s Word convicted the hearts of the pastor and His people of the need to learn Bible verses.
We then traveled across the state to Margate, Florida, where I preached for one of my favorite fundamental pastors.  I love the way he is not afraid to stand up against bad music and false teaching.  We also saw many good decisions in that church.
On our way home we stopped in Alabama and spoke in a church that was also recommended to us.  Many good decisions were also made here.  The love-offering we received helped cover our traveling expenses home.
Please pray that God will continue to bless our ministry and supply our needs.  We are still looking for more churches to support us.  We are excited to continue to travel to churches trying to get them into their Bibles, and to depend upon God’s Word for the answers.
In His Service,
David and Mary Barker
1 Peter 3:15

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