Winter 2024

Dear Praying Friends in Christ,

This fall and early winter has been wonderful for the ministry, but a little rough for me. The Lord has been good and faithful through everything.

I went to the doctor for my 6 months diabetic check-up in November.  My A1C level had doubled in numbers. It was quite a shock because I had not cheated on my diet. They gave me a stronger dose of my medication and another pill to go with it. This was too strong and made me feel pretty lousy for about 3 weeks. It was hard, but I was still able to preach.   After my experiments, we finally got the medication right.  My blood sugar is back to normal. Prase the Lord for that! 

Mary is doing very well. She just lost her 45th pound!  She is looking good and feels a lot better. She wants to lose about another 45 pounds.

The meetings have been going very well. We did a revival meeting in Indiana, traveled to a church in Ohio, and preached in two churches in Wisconsin. We even had the privilege of speaking at a youth rally and in a Christian school.

Our last speaking engagement of the year was a little different. We preached at two churches that had the same pastor. We preached at the first church, then traveled to the second one right after the service.  God blessed both meetings.

We are presently on our Southern preaching tour in Florida and Alabama.  At the first church, we had prison night. One of the members was a Florida correctional officer and set up his prison display next to mine! The Lord really worked in the hearts of the people.

Please pray for us this year as we have many more churches to preach at. We do not take your prayers or our safety for granted.

May the Lord find us all faithful in serving Him till He returns! 

In His Service,
David and Mary Barker